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the lovely and talented [ profile] miriel was chatting with me, and she gave me an idea...

I heart ideas.

Ten Drabbles - for my Top Ten OTPs. Based on the idea - "You happened"
(with prompts from shuffle in my iTunes)
Crusher/Picard, Riker/Troi, Mulder/Scully, Sheppard/Weir, Carter/O'Neill, Crichton/Sun, Arthur/Morgana, Adama/Roslin, Organa/Solo, Carnahan/O'Connell

In Chronological (of when I shipped them) Order:


Blaster fire had left the scent of scorched metal in the air and the blaster barrel was still hot against his leg. Han could push it away, but taking his hand away from Leia's skin was as much of an option as letting C3PO fly them home. Leia's hair tumbled down, soft and warm against his chest. He kissed, sucking her upper lip until she nipped at his and grinned as she tugged belt free. There were dead bounty hunters, a secondary transceiver that would have to be patched and a pile of smoking debris. The deck could have been on fire, hell, it probably was. Leia stripped him partially, baring only what she needed before she sat up and balanced her hips just below the point where he ached for them. Dropping her neck to lift the blaster, he ran the barrel along her arm before he tossed it away.


That moment after he slapped his communicator onto his chest and the time it took to pin the pips on his collar as he dressed was a piece. There was a smile Deanna saved for the way he tugged on his boots and a wistful look that accompanied his frown at the gray hairs encroaching further into his beard. She'd put his forgotten coffee cup in the replicator this once and make him do it himself the next time. It was the smell of her hair when he crawled into bed. The heat of her skin in their bed when he returned from that communique, the one that couldn't wait for morning, drove home what he'd been missing before in the other life where he was alone.


The idea of a singular truth had faded into the theoretical. Like a mathematical equation, Mulder's truth had ceased to be simple and become a complex harmony of moves and countermoves, trading and balancing on the central thought. Scully orbited his truth, a variable that had been meant to destroy, had failed. A dischordance that had become descant and his truth without her was empty. On his own, he had a single chord that could never resonate with any real power.

Mulder had become dependant, addicted and enslaved; a quark that had become hopelessly entagled and would never again move without being balanced somewhere in the universe. He was even letting her drive.


"To know the universe, we listen," Guinan began. The stars behind her head hung patiently, through the windows of Ten Forward, as if they had stopped in their celestial travels to hear what she had to say. "At first we hear only our own wants and as we grow, we start to hear the truth in our wanting. We note the words of our parents. The wisdom of those who have walked before is always with us and as if the belief in our hearts we can do better. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't, but each note of truth we find in our journey enriches our hearts.

"Our hearts fill with wisdom, compassion and understanding, and yet, are not still. Our restlessness becomes a living companion. Taunting us as we beg to know else we need to hear, our hearts betray us. We cry our frustration to the heavens, then berate ourselves to the depths of our souls for not knowing why we do not hear.

"In the silence that follows our desperation, we find our way. You, my dear friends, have chosen to walk together." Her hands reached for the hands of the two standing before her and etwined them together.

"Is it your choice to cherish the gift of each other, for as long as your path is shared?"

"When I listen to my heart, I hear your voice," Beverly's voice was strong and clear, though her eyes were wet. "I promise to hear you, always."

"I promise to hear you, always," Jean-Luc's pause seemed to fill the room as his throat froze but he found his strength. "For I listen to my heart and hear your voice."

"Then you shall speak as one," Guinan pronounced as she beamed at her friends. "Beverly Crusher, Jean-Luc Picard, you have heard each other and become one voice. As it is in your hearts, so shall it be. Walk in happiness my dear, dear friends and know joy."


"They say the most dangerous weapon we have is our intellect," Evelyn chirped as she nimbly climbed the sandy stone up towards the sacred sword of Amenso-akyutbe. "I worry yours might turn to rust if you keep using dynamite to solve every puzzle."

Rick shrugged and toyed with a length of fuse as he watched her climb. "Didn't bother you so much when those raiders tried to kill us in India," he retorted.

"They were only after you because you insulted them," she shot back as stones trickled down towards him.

"The highest pursuit of a scholar is the truth," Rick repeated in a passalbe imitation of her accent. Her hands wrapped arund the handle of the sacred sowrd as, predictably, the stones beneath her collapsed in a hail of rubble. Stretching out his arms, he snatched her from the air as the sword clanged to the stone at his feet. Swinging her down, he sighed and pointed at the sword. "Maybe you want to grab that before the tomb collapses."

"It won't--" The pattering of stone above them deepened until it became a roar. "Right," Evelyn finished.


"Seems easy enough," Aeryn said with a shrug. "Think of it as a training exercise."

John frowned as he stared at the complicated, flashing patterns of light that covered the nightclub of the eternal seizure, or what the natives called the 'place of proof'. "I don't do training exercises," he explained. "I play chess. Maybe a little playstation if I need to blow off some steam."

The Sebacean studied the pattern for another moment and then moved in a blur of black leather. Aeryn's feet seemed to be everywhere at once, and yet somehow, miraculously she was only touching the red lights on the floor. The music pounded around them and the flashing lights around them went up a notch, going from dazzling to prelude to a laser show on crack.

Ten meters away, without even a hint of sweat on her forehead, she straightened up from a crouch, leather vest straining to contain the curves of her body. "Your turn."


"It's like a puzzle," Elizabeth explained as she moved one of the pieces of stained glass to change the positioning of the light on the ground. "If we can find out what the builders intended, we should be able to unlock the sacred light of the ages."

"You think you'll jinx it if you say ZPM, don't you?" John quipped as he wriggled around her and moved the blue light to shine through the green one. Elizabeth's butt was pressed against his stomach and he had to reach across her shoulder just to keep the light in place.

He could picture her raised eyebrow as she spoke. "I want to try hitting that shiny part of the floor with white light," she suggested.

John bit his lip and wrapped his left arm around her chest, moving two of the chunks of glass into position as she stretched backward. Her elbow was against his chest, and he could only smell her hair. The shiny part of the floor clicked once and the floor beneath their feet obediently dropped two meters and brought them with it. Through the dust, John tasted the pale skin of her stomach and saw the smooth black of her bra before he dragged his head away.


"No harm, no foul," Elizabeth teased wickedly. Her leg was against his crotch and John realized slowly that she definitely had the upper hand.


Her small feet nimbly kept up with his as he led her around the dance floor. Laura was smiling and content. The light in her eyes was a step away from laughter and he could have been intoxicated simply on her perfume. The ambrosia warming his stomach was helping a little, Bill allowed, but she was the catalyst. He found a hole in the people around them large enough to swing her out in a slow spin and she did break into laughter before he pulled her back into his arms.

He could hold her in his arms as long as they were dancing and tonight, the music was going to play until dawn. There were certain perks to being the commander, after all.


Gun oil, fresh blood and the stink of nervous sweat assaulted her nose as she rounded the corner. Jack was there, bodies of Osiris' Jaffa at his feet, and he nodded once. Though his fatigues were dark with blood on his right shoulder, his nod promised he was all right. Jack's fingers brushed hers as he pressed his spare clip into her hands. Sam would need the bullets because the wound in his shoulder would weaken his aim. If they were going to make it back to the 'gate, she'd need to clear the way. Jack's eyes flashed left and then back to her. She pursed her lips and raised her rifle. Sam had heard them too and with him protected behind her, she was ready.


"How hard can it possibly be to put on a tunic by yourself?" Morgana called from the hallway. The heavy oak door to Arthur's room was still shut, they were already late and she swore she could hear the boots of the guards coming down the stone towards them. Uther was going to get impatient and they'd both start off the State dinner on the wrong foot. They'd be chasing their own tails all night if he didn't hurry up.

Arthur's door unexpected swung open just as she'd raised her hand to knock again. His bare, muscled back gleamed faintly in the firelight of his room and his tunic was still lying on the table where Merlin must have left it. "This damn thing has more laces running down the front than my father has in all of his stables. It looks like something you should be wearing-" he stopped as he turned around. Arthur swallowed once and then reached for the silver goblet on the table so he could swallow something else.

"Never mind," he muttered as his eyes ran along her body. "You should definitely be wearing that."

Date: 2009-03-17 05:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*Hearts and yay for Morgana/Arthur*

Date: 2009-03-17 05:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
He was even letting her drive.

lmao! Oh, how I love that line.

Neat idea!

I'm curious about the story behind how you became a fan of SG-1 after Atlantis?

Date: 2009-03-17 05:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*is going to claim at least partial blame for that one* c.c;

Date: 2009-03-18 12:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ah, I see. You're a corrupter. *g*

Were you active in the S/J fandom back in the day?

Date: 2009-03-18 12:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
very much so as a reader and a person who hung out on the fringes of discussion on LJ. I remember well the days of Jack/Daniel vs Sam/Jack animosity ;) I had one fic that I posted to and to the yahoo group, since this was before LJ became a place where there were dozens of fic comms and everyone and their flister had an eFiction archive ;) Actually it was in the early days of Helio too. I had (and still have) half a dozen WiPs from that day and age. I dropped fandom and LJ more or less entirely during graduate school (and I played MMOs instead)
but this is how I know Suzvoy and Havoc :)

but the majority of my oldest flisters are either Sam/Jack or Harry Potter related

(and I think AJ was also a mutual flister but I was understandably dropped from a bunch of people when I went away and I dropped a bunch of people when I came back because I didn't remember who they were c.c;)

Date: 2009-03-18 12:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hmm. If you happened to be on the samandjack or sjnc17 yahoogroups list, then we probably ran across each other at some point. :)

Oh man, The Great Daniel Disaster of Season 6. I very much remember that. It's a reason why I tried to give S4 of Atlantis a shot after Elizabeth left, because I was one of the ones who denounced others for giving up on SG-1 when MS left without even giving Jonas a chance and I didn't want to be a hypocrite. *g*

I ::hearted:: Suz Voy's S/J fics to death. I was kinda sad when we ended up with different preferences for Atlantis because it meant no more of her fics. :(


Date: 2009-03-18 01:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
heee. quite possibly :) I didn't post much. mostly just read.

Massively Multiplayer Online Games.
World of Warcraft. City of Heroes. Everquest. EVE online.

Yeah Suz "discovered" slash and now happily squees about QaF which I find *wildly* amusing because the show is set in my hometown.

I have no idea what she shipped in SGA since she'd mostly seemed to have lost interest by the time I rejoined fannish life. Now I enjoy her posts about her RL job and her puppy ;)

it was odd, I came back to LJ and fandom and I liked John and Elizabeth but there was some kind of kerfluffle with some fans seeing John/Teyla as "the heir of Sam/Jack" and getting all bent out of shape when it proved to be the less popular ship. I thought that was kinda head-scratchy 'cause really? John/Elizabeth is much more in the vein of Sam/Jack to me. *shrug* ah well.

Oy. well, while I like Daniel, I would have been much more put out if Jack had left, and I think Shanks is a tool, which has cast Daniel is a less favorable light for me. I didn't mind Jonas at all.

Date: 2009-03-17 09:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hehe, Sparky! ♥ They can't keep their hands off each other. Awesome work!


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