Feb. 10th, 2009

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He looks happy and fulfilled by his job. I was googling today and someone else, in boston - a grad student, calls herself oparu.

I feel odd. There aren't any other Opals. (well, some on the net, but totally none in person...) I suppose it was bound to happen. I just feel somewhat less special than I did. I can't rebuy my paid account (glares at stupid add-bar) or change my journal name until my Korean bank account opens. (It's a silly-protect me from myself measure where the interweb gets upset if I use an american credit card on a Korean connection)


On the upside, I can (finally!) haz extension cord, so yes, ladies and gentlemen, I can do laundry without moving my fridge into my bedroom. (seriously...it's frakking bizarre over here sometimes)

I've 23 minutes of precious Opal internet time before work starts. If I come in early, work starts at 1300 korean time, which is 17 hours off from good old west coast of the states time. What time is it at home? almost 8pm?

I miss cheese, toast, good coffee, knives being part of cutlery (here they are a strange foreign phenomenon) and butter.

I like odang (pronounced oh-dayng) which are fish cakes on a stick, tasty korean coke (for some reason coke is better anywhere but the US) chocolate biscuits, really cheap food, and coconut pudding.

I've started doing yoga while watching Battlestar Galactica, which distracts me enough that I can stay in my poses way longer than I used too because I need to watch Laura tear up because the frakking Admiral is alive eight times in a row because dear lords of kobol BSG pwns my soul.

I'm downloading all of Merlin (it looks shiny) and all of Star Trek:TNG (nostalgia keeps opal sane) because I'm so lonely for English speaking television. Seriously. I miss people talking to me in an accent I understand. I feel like I'm out of phase. No conversation involves me unless it starts with my name and even then, sometimes it does not...My name is also too hard for koreans. I am 'Oh-pah" (which is slang for brother...and silly) or Oburu because Opal is just too hard to say. I'm thinking of getting a Korean name but I'm not sure *sneaky looks* if I like Korea that much.

*hugs the world*
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My torrent of ALL OF Star Trek: TNG is going at 2.17Mb/s. At that rate, I can haz 60gb of video in just over thirty hours.

Can I get a hell yeah?


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