Jan. 19th, 2009

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Waiting sucks. I hate not having a purpose in life. I understand I will shortly have one and be happy and overworked again. (I feel like Return pt 1 Elizabeth sans the fast food containers because living with the brother means I eat well)

I'm trying to teach myself to always hit space with my left hand because my right one's starting to complain. On a good day I can write upwards of 5k words. No wonder my hands are somewhat grumpy. Perhaps the problem is playing mouse games with the trackpad.

I only have room for one game on my computer (that isn't sweet sweet WoW)

Which one do I want? Spore or Sims 2 with every frakking expansion out there? Spore has the wonderful social commentary of the best way to peacefully conquer a society as being through religion. You can conquer them economically but it's just more fun to wander over and MAKE THEM LOVE YOUR GODS. You can still conquer through war, it's just messier. (I think you could play all of the civilization stage and not destroy ANYTHING as a religious power) When I was aggressive I lost tons of vehicles, had to rebuild, got attacked and eventually had to pull out the ICBM.

Sims 2 I just get frustrated because the little guys won't get on a good schedule and figure out that they need to eat and sleep before work and I can't make them behave.


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