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I'm firmly ensconced in hot chocolate drinking, TNG watching, wowplaying, fic writing self indulgence. who knew beverly and jean-luc could drag me through anything?

I can now read and write korean. I do not know what I am saying, but I have mastered the letters!! W00t! I can also tell time. whee!!

Boss is evil. (but totally intimidated by me because I am awesome!) I have sunk to the level of purposely trying to provoke her. I do everything I am told but show my contempt at all time. IT IS NOT MATURE.

I write lesson plans in crayon. I write random comments about in korean. (I have students translate for me) I spend random classtime having students teach me korean. (they think this is awesome)

I write cracktastic worksheets.

USA#1 has quit attending 'learn korean class' but still wants the korean students to vie for the pleasure of driving her to costco. she also wants to borrow (pilfer steal and abuse) all my ideas for writing class.

She leaves early. comes late and borrows my broom every other day instead of buying one.

writing class is the BANE of my school existence. Here, take young children who don't know much english and have them write for 45 minutes. No, there's no book. Figure something out. SERIOUSLY. only because I'm insane and love writing can i come up with anything remotely interesting.

USA#2 is just lonely and needs to talk to me. for hours. at school. when. I. am trying. to work. (it's making get shatnered, it's that bad)

he talks when I have headphones on.

The kids are fabulous and have started writing 'welcome opal' on the board before i come to class. it's adorable.
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