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Running tally because yes, it HAS GOTTEN THAT BAD ZOMG.

USA#2: "Wow, I was really funny in there."
Opal: o.O you're not allowed to comment on yourself being funny.
USA#2: "I so am, no one else noticed."

USA #2 - self centered stupidness points? +5.

USA#1: *knocks on my door*
Opal: *is in bathroom*
USA#1: *keeps knocking*
Opal: *is still in bathroom, naked because she just got out of the shower and HAS no desire to be social*
USA#1: *just opens door to Opal's apartment*
Opal: *walks out naked to prove why this is a BAD idea*
USA#1: Oh. I'll wait out here.

USA#1: SCSP? +3.

Opal: *is recording herself reading book for class, in a room AWAY from everyone*
USA#2: *opens closed door, running recording* "Can you take me to the bank?"
Opal: "The bank is 3 blocks away."
USA#2: "But I've never been there. You're not busy are you?"
Opal: "Yes I am, but I suppose I can take you."

USA#2 score: +3.

Boss: USA#1, do what Opal does and record books. It's an awesome idea.
USA#1: says nothing because she doesn't want to work.
Opal: *sitting right there* "She can't without my laptop. and it was KCW#3's idea."
Boss: Oh, she should find another way. And it's still my idea.
Opal: *facepalm* "I'll do it."

Boss score: +5
USA#1: +2

USA#2: My kids hate writing. I stand in front of class and tell them to write sentences and give them tests. They think I'm boring.
Opal: Here are the games I play.
USA#2: You had to spend $3 on paper to make flashcards. Won't see me doing that. Idiot.
Opal: You can make free flashcards and print them on paper.
USA#2: They are flimsy and it takes work. Can't I use yours?
Opal: No, they aren't appropriate to your class.
USA#2: They might be.
Opal: Your class is 14-year-olds. My class is 8-year-olds.
USA#2: Seems like work.

ten minutes later.

USA#2: Oh hey, I'm done with my work. I'm so bored.
Opal: Oh, did you make flashcards?
USA#2: Nah, I just made worksheets where I wrote one word on each line. Flashcards are lame.

USA#2 score: +5

Korean Co-worker #3: "USA#1 can you spend 5 minutes a week talking to kids on the phone in english? I will call them, all you have to do is talk.
USA#1: I hate calling Koreans.
KCW#3: I said I'd call them.
USA#1: I'm too busy. *while checking her email, looking for another job*
KCW#3: 5 minutes a week?
USA#1: At my old school....(ten minute explanation, back to email)
KCW#3: I see.

USA#1 score: +5, at least.

Last Week:
Boss: Everyone talk to USA#1 more. she's lonely.

Boss: Everyone say hi to me or I get offended.

Boss: Talking is banned.

Boss: SCSP? gah! 25! at least.

Totals so far on the Self-centered-stupidity point scale?
USA#1: 12
USA#2: 13
Boss: 29


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