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Birthdate:Sep 27
Location:Changwon, Korea, The Republic of
CSS coding is stolen from [personal profile] lanna_kitty who helped me with photoshop as well. She originally got it from [profile] street_of_mercy and we played.

I studied math, physics and human communication. Now I teach English in Korea.

On November 24, 2007 I married [personal profile] calleigh_j on [profile] marry_an_ljuser.



141,390 People

79% Geek

  • "And on the eighth day, god created me." (damn right)

  • "Go to heaven with me?" (I'm going?)

  • "I make people smile." hooray!

  • "I eat babies. Mmm, tastes like once told me that this is because the matrix didn't know what to make babies taste like, and so chicken was the natural choice, everything already tasted like that anyway, so the Architect could knock off early and go hang with the Merovingian."

  • "I am probably the illegitimate daughter of e e cummings"

  • "Beware all ye who cross the waters of the Oparu, her Captain be driven mad by the Wench's of fandom"

  • You know those little plastic things you get in pizza boxes? Oparu created those. No, seriously, she did.

  • Oparu is a never ending story.

  • Next stop, Oparu.

  • Oparu for president.

  • 1/Swing your Oparu
    2/Oparu, it’s as simple as that!
    3/Worlds finest Oparu
    4/Oparu- Simplified
    5/Don’t forget your Oparu
    6/Have a break, have an Oparu
    7/Oparu is the only way to be happy
    8/Oparu, the smart choice
    10/There is no life without Oparu

  • and...

  • Be young, have fun, taste Opal

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