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stolen from [ profile] hoperomantic

Name a fandom, and I'll tell you my:

1. One True Pairing Ship
2. Canon Ship
3. "If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" Ship
4. "You are one sick bastard" Ship
5. "I dabble a little" Ship
6. "It's like a car crash" Ship
7. "Tickles my fancy but not sold just yet" Ship
8. "Makes no canon sense but why the Hell not" Ship
9. "Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" Ship

Fandomagez: Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek: VOY, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, SGA, Farscape, Sanctuary, Merlin, Firefly, House, Law & Order: SVU, Dollhouse, Buffy, Twilight, something not on the list I will attempt (but I might not know it well)!

ETA: (can't believe I forgot!) The X-files, Star Wars, Xena
(the bolded are taken and beneath this cut) )
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This is teh Edward, who keepz me safe from teh Coreah. Hiz mah bestest friend.
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picasa (google) web albums of korea with captions. I should upload 'em here too but I can't be bothered.

People suck. but hey, korea pics!
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Dear New American teacher,

WOW. you put new levels on rudeness. COMPLETELY new levels.

No love,
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No matter what Korea does to me. No matter what my job does to me. You can't take my flist OR MY SPIRIT.

ZOMG! teh Sammi is the AWESOME )

This picture matches a fic (sort of) Mainly my complaining to teh Sammi and teh Sammi picturing a team of Chibi!Picards. But ZOMG lookkit the sock!!

*glomps the sammi*
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Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Beverly Crusher/Jean-Luc Picard
Warning(s): fluffy bunnies, fluffy kittens and (fluffy) socks.
Summary: episode tag for S7.06 "Phantasms" (Data has nightmares about space leeches). Jean-Luc picks up Beverly from her office and walks her home.
Disclaimer: TNG does not belong to me.
A/N: I wrote Fair Trade" because the bunny attacked me. And it's borderline silly, cliched baby!fic, but I loved writing it. Then I wrote Synthesis. Which is fluff and smut and plotless but I needed to write it.

Now it's my own personal fluffy AU of safety that I'm compelled to write in.

funny how his socks always made it into the laundry )
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FLIST = WIN *huge hugs*
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I thought I wrote fluff because I had an excess of caregiver, and yes, I probably do. However, lately, I want to be the one who's taken care of. I want someone to notice that I have a headache when I press my fingers into my forehead. I want someone to notice that my socks are on the floor. I want to have someone to curl up on when I crawl into bed.

Is it then wrong to write hopelessly fluffy fic? Part of me says, no, as long as I stay in character, for the most part I do and then it's okay. But why do I feel guilty? Isn't fic just the confessional of the creative? I've always been afraid to be weak.

Cuddling isn't weak. Admitting I'm afraid isn't weak. I realized how much I miss human contact. Asian cultures are not big on touching and I don't know anyone. Touch is sadly absent from my life, so I spend pages on cuddling. Funny how I end up writing exactly what I need, when I need it. Like my subconscious somehow knows I just need fluff.
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yeah, it's more like this....

morning. lately, I hate getting up. drink liquid yogurt. it's easy, tastes good and keeps me happy while I walk around korea.

wander korea for anything from 1-3 hours. play on playgrounds. changwon is OBSESSED with playgrounds. especially for adults. 'tis odd.

breakfast. cereal and coffee (choco chex!) rice cakes (squishy rice blobs) and coffee. pancakes and coffee. toast and coffee. coffee.

warcraft. *hugs*

the part of the day where I reluctantly get dressed. I am required to wear skirts, or dress pants. they like me to wear make-up. *faceplam* these things are not fabulous, but easier with coffee.

teaching. more like really bizarre tutoring/american culture/charades/pictionary/holyfrakhow do I explain opinion with pictures?

food. ramen (pronounced rah-me-on). bread. MORE COFFEE. (bad tube coffee) yes, coffee comes in tubes.

grading. tree is green. etc. boy and girl talk for grandfather to. it's interesting. how do I explain what they need to know?

home. make-up removal. pajama pants. yoga if I'm ambitious. american downloaded TV. fic. brits are usually awake.

pictures are on camera. I have hopes for the weekend.
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Does scheduling one's life actually make it better? Since I have very little to do here, I've been trying to establish a comfortable routine.

So far:
0900: I wake up and have breakfast (sticky rice or cereal)
0930-1100: I walk around Changwon for exercise. There are parks and mountains, it's pretty...but a dry place, not much for water. Lots of random outdoor exercise equipment. (it's Korea)
1100-1300: I play World of Warcraft. :D
1300-1400: get ready for work. (coffee, clothes, all that fun stuff)
1400-2200: Work, in it's inglorious but occasionally amusing forms.
2200-2500**: Fic, interweb, general slacking.

**in film, if you're still awake, they just keep adding on to the hours. (if you start work at 2000 you end at 2800 (which would be 6am the next day, etc) I liked it, so I used it.

I work every other Saturday but I get Sundays off. Should be doable. It's day 3 tomorrow. We'll see how to stick to it.
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You love polls! yes you do!

Wander over here and vote! Please!

*bats eyes*
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Go bounce around like a crazy person you adorable little one.

Happy birthday [ profile] fex_84
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Dear World, all you need know about today is that it is [ profile] calleigh_j's birthday and she is utterly fabulous, brilliant, kind, funny, organized, intense and completely stellar.

Much love darling!
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I laughed, I cried, I was utterly consumed by a TV show.

It's not perfect, but it's damn good.
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I've been debating putting my userpics into alert levels. Tigh Coffee is red.

Since I came to Korea, my best friend has been Isaac, he's Turkish and until today, he worked with me. Turkish people can't hold the coveted E-1 English teach visa. You have to be from a country where English is the first language. (USA, Canada, all parts of the UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand). The school's been letting him work illegally for eight months while saying they will get him a different kind of visa. (There's a basic "I want this non-Korean employee" visa).

Isaac's in love with a Korean woman called Shi Hyung, and he's staying here to earn money to go back to American with her. That's his plan. They'd like to get married, but Korea's not a very welcoming country to foreigners, so they need money to leave and go somewhere else. He loves the US, more than anyone I know, but he's been trying to make do here.

The school got another foreigner last weekend. Her name is Eileen. She's from California, selfish, inconsiderate and not very much fun to hang out with. She's my neighbor, which means whenever she needs something, she comes and knocks on my door. I understand what it's like to be alone in a new place, I am REALLY sympathetic to that, however, there's a point where it goes to far.

Just because I'm sitting around in my pajamas doesn't mean I'm not doing anything and I want to drop it to hang out with her. My good friends have been trying to explain that not giving in to someone else being rude, isn't rude. She hates doing things alone. She hates teaching. She thinks whenever she wants to do something she can just show up and give me thirty seconds or so and I'll drop everything and go with her.
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Have a fantastic day you fic enabler you!
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I'm shamelessly watching the third Star Trek XI trailer over and over. I'm obsessed with the music because it's simple and OMG dramatic and I really like it. I believe there are certain sets of chords that just right ring in my head. (mock away)

I almost feel embarrassed. *ducks* Yes it's Trek: the College Years, complete with iBridge. And yes, it's the first Trek, where women wore really short skirts and there was only one woman on the bridge. (back in the day it was ground breaking to have that...)

I think I'm mostly annoyed the insane bad guy with the super ship is a guy. Due to the lack of women...they could have at least made the villain female. (I suppose then someone would be annoyed that women are evil and vindictive)

Seriously Trek, your girl villain made you the most money and was pretty damn awesome. Though Kahn is really evil, he's not the Borg Queen. Who made being a cyborg look hot.

On a totally random not it's hot and muggy in Korea. (wtf) AND I managed to buy shampoo. When you're illiterate, that's something...
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the lovely and talented [ profile] miriel was chatting with me, and she gave me an idea...

I heart ideas.

Ten Drabbles - for my Top Ten OTPs. Based on the idea - "You happened"
(with prompts from shuffle in my iTunes)
Crusher/Picard, Riker/Troi, Mulder/Scully, Sheppard/Weir, Carter/O'Neill, Crichton/Sun, Arthur/Morgana, Adama/Roslin, Organa/Solo, Carnahan/O'Connell

In Chronological (of when I shipped them) Order:

Sex on Fire )

Sanctuary )

Violin Sonata in A Major )

Vertigo )

Free Minds )

Danca dos Hexagramas )

Right Round )

In a Public Place )

Read more... )

Waiting on You )
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LOL cats can totally be used to teach English.

It's fantabulous.
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Should keep me busy

Odd how this year, none of my bunnies are SGA. (I've gone all Star Treky) I have one that's have SG-1 but that's it. *pets SGA* sorry darling.


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