Mar. 24th, 2009

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Dear World, all you need know about today is that it is [ profile] calleigh_j's birthday and she is utterly fabulous, brilliant, kind, funny, organized, intense and completely stellar.

Much love darling!
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Go bounce around like a crazy person you adorable little one.

Happy birthday [ profile] fex_84
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You love polls! yes you do!

Wander over here and vote! Please!

*bats eyes*
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Does scheduling one's life actually make it better? Since I have very little to do here, I've been trying to establish a comfortable routine.

So far:
0900: I wake up and have breakfast (sticky rice or cereal)
0930-1100: I walk around Changwon for exercise. There are parks and mountains, it's pretty...but a dry place, not much for water. Lots of random outdoor exercise equipment. (it's Korea)
1100-1300: I play World of Warcraft. :D
1300-1400: get ready for work. (coffee, clothes, all that fun stuff)
1400-2200: Work, in it's inglorious but occasionally amusing forms.
2200-2500**: Fic, interweb, general slacking.

**in film, if you're still awake, they just keep adding on to the hours. (if you start work at 2000 you end at 2800 (which would be 6am the next day, etc) I liked it, so I used it.

I work every other Saturday but I get Sundays off. Should be doable. It's day 3 tomorrow. We'll see how to stick to it.


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