Mar. 14th, 2009

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Imagine you live in a place where everyone around you has exactly the same hair color. You all have the same eye color, basically the same body shape. There are variations, but they are subtle. Squinty eyes versus round ones. Flatter chins, rounder chins, but they're all slight.

Each city here is barely over thirty years old. Their written language is one that has been repressed by the Chinese, several times, and now they seek out the west.

It's a point of honor to speak like a native speaker of English. American clothes, American food, American television...they're all here. Chinese movies aren't here. Indian cinema is just as big and it's not here.

Being white is special. Seen as better. Women here have their noses changed. Their chin's filed into points. Old men buy me strawberries and press them into my hands with toothless grins because they remember the Korean war. I barely know anything of it.

Korean mothers push their children towards me with little gifts and ask me to help them. If they speak English well, propaganda says they will have good jobs and be respected.

No culture is better, is it?
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Okay, so I'm a silly, sill american girl and the wigs kill me. So does JAMIE BAMBER and the accents.

And hey, it's like raining for moving there. That's it. I'm completely in love with this show.
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New American teacher came today. She's older, 50ish, has experience and will probably leave my crazy school as soon as she can. They're firing Isaac, the turkish guy I work with because they're racist and he's middle eastern (i.e. not american enough). He's very sweet but he's here working illegally and it's kind of messy.

I know have three house plants, Freude, Gertie and Phebe. They're awesome.

I also have dragons because I needed some. *hugs [ profile] lanna_kitty*

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Should keep me busy

Odd how this year, none of my bunnies are SGA. (I've gone all Star Treky) I have one that's have SG-1 but that's it. *pets SGA* sorry darling.


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