Feb. 8th, 2009

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Yes, the oft mentioned PC rooms that are open 24 hours stocked with energy drinks, VERY shiny computer monitors and FREE (yes world, free) copies of EVERY INTERNET GAME YOU HAVE EVER HEARD OF. Plus some you haven't, and a few that haven't even been made yet. They exist. They are all around me. The chairs are fancy and very comfortable. The energy beverage is quite nice and tastes vaguely of skittles. It would probably cost $3 at home but here it was $.75 centsish. (mmoney is odd)


Also, there's a pizza store called "Mr Pizza" which has the slogan, "Love for women"

I can now speak some, VERY limited korean. For the most part they are kind to be. But (and this is ranty) NO one in Korea speaks anything but Korean. Yes it's their country. Yes, the USA sucks at teaching second languages, but hey in the US if you don't speak English you can learn it for free all over the place.

Here? NOTHING. Not one 'hey come learn korean' program. Nothing. And to be fair to the US it's a damn big country. It's the world language, the english (thanks to the British empire but hey, it works) In contrast, Korea is a tiny country with less than the population of California (50 million people in the whole thing) Cut it in half and make half a super hermit state. Take the non-hermit side and pack them in an area the size of Deleware and you get a tiny, inbred, mono-lingual society who can't speak to anyone else...

And my bosses are stupid. My korean bosses are setting new levels of assholishness. I ask for internet in my house. MY CONTRACT SAYS I GET INTERNET. First I can have it Wednesday, then Saturday and now I have to wait until I get my damn alien registration card before I can have it. WHICH IS NOT TRUE.

In Korea YOU HAVE TO BE KOREAN TO DO ANYTHING THAT INVOLVES SIGNING PAPERWORK. You can't even get a prepaid cell phone unless a Korean activates it FOR YOU. School does not know this apparently, but THEY desperately want to hire foreigners because it makes them look so fantastic.

So the internet I pretty much cannot live without? School says, I have to do it in 20 days. But...in reality, Has to be activated by them, even though they lied (or didn't research) and said I have to do it. Oh, but I could come to work early or stay late to use internet. Yes...because work is where I want to go...

Telephone they are legally obligated to give me and didn't? Has to be activated by them, by law, I can't do it even if I wanted to.

Wash machine? Can't be plugged in without an extension cord. Where can I buy one? Well, no one seems to know. SERIOUSLY. Apparently they are at Lotte Mart (the store where everything seems to live) but it's actually really hard to shop for something you can't draw or pantomine very well if YOU DON'T SPEAK KOREAN.

Fridge? Has to be in my bedroom or it can't be plugged in either. Television? Microwave? HA! Not...

I'm listening to the happiest bollywood I can get my hands on and I'm still annoyed. Oh well. *headdesk*

Dear CNS,

Your people lie a great deal and make americans look direct. You can't lie about something and wait for it to go away. Seriously. I will not work saturdays. I will not stay in the office another hour when I have no work. I will not lie to Korean parents. No love,


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