Jan. 20th, 2009

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I loved President Bartlet. If I could have possibly voted for him twice I would have with a gleeful heart. His grace, poise and considerable oratory skill along with his intelligence made him an ideal leader.

All of a sudden, I not only have a real life version. I have an arguably better version. I have a president who can write a stirring speech and give it the way a speech is meant to be given. I watched a speech that could have been in a democratic fantasy but it was real.

As my tiny part of the great American whole, I am suddenly represented by someone I respect. Someone who takes intelligence, oratory skill, grace and humility and makes it LOOK GOOD. My president is classy.
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My uncles think Big Brother is coming for their guns OH MY GOD. According to them, and I used to think they were reasonable, rational individuals, life as they know it has just come to an end.

Dear Uncle J,

No one is going to take your hunting rifles. It's in the constitution. It's safe.
Social policy changes ARE NOT socialism.
Health care, better education, better social programs that are funded by taxes ARE NOT socialist redistribution of the wealth. They're public services. It's a way to help your fellow Americans. (Which is the Christian/Muslim/Jewish/Hindu/Secular Humanist thing to do!)

We're not going to become China, Cuba or North Korea.

If anything, stronger social policy makes us more like Sweden, Norway, Finland, Canada (*hugs the canada*) Australia, France and the UK. The Scandinavian countries are some of the safest, cleanest, most economically successful (Sweden has one of the strongest, most stable pension plans in the world) countries out there.

Why shouldn't we be like that? Why shouldn't your children go to better schools and universities, drive on better roads and actually be able to afford health care?

Go here read and learn

The key to sustainable foreign relations isn't having better guns. Dictators and terrorists come out of poverty and desperate situations. If you and I live equitable lives, I have very little reason to hate you.

Yes, I'll admit I was depressed when George Bush won. I was worried my tuition would go up. (It did) Gay rights would be damaged and life I as know it would loose something.

Let me enjoy the same legal protection as everyone else when I get married and I'll let you bring a gun to the wedding.

I love you very much, even though I don't understand you.


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